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Executives of KSOE [2024-2025]

President Dongsoo Hur Professor / Gyeongsang National University
Vice Presidents Head of Academic Division Sungwon Shin Professor / Hanyang University
Head of Business Division Chong-Moo Lee Principal Researcher / KRISO
Head of Finance Division Ik jang Ahn CEO / HYEIN E&C. CO., LTD.
Head of Technical Division Hong-Gun Sung Principal Researcher / KRISO
Head of International Division Kwang Hyo Jung Professor / Pusan National University
Head of Research Ethics Division Joonmo Choung Professor / Inha University
General Affairs General Affairs Manager Kangsu Lee Principal Researcher / KRISO
General Affairs Director Yeonjoong Kim Researcher / KEI
Academic Academic Affairs Manager Seung-Jae Lee Professor / Korea Maritime & Ocean University
Academic Director Chang Yong Song Professor / Mokpo National University
Academic Director Bong-huan Jeon Principal Researcher / KRISO
Academic Director Kideok Do Professor / Korea Maritime & Ocean University
Academic Director Taemin Ha Professor / kangwon National University
Business Business Affairs Manager Weoncheol Koo Professor / Inha University
Business Director Young-Shik Kim Principal Researche / KRISO
Business Director Won-Kyung Park Director / DAEYOUNG ENGINEERING CO., LTD.
Business Director Youngjin Roh CEO / KETG
Business Director Daeohn Choi CEO / GreentTotal
Editing Editor-in-Chief Seokhwan Ahn Professor / Jungwon University
Editing Director Jong Chun Park Professor / Pusan National University
Editing Director Woo Dong Lee Professor / Gyeongsang National University
Editing Director Chanuk Ryu Principal Researcher / KOMERI
Editing Director Yong-Uk Ryu Professor / Chonnam National University
Editing Director Yoon Hyeok Bae Professor / Hongik University
Finance Financial Affairs Manager Byunggeun Song CEO / E&CO
Financial Director Hee Kuk Lee Director / SSANGYONG ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION CO.,
Financial Director Seong soo Choi COO / KOMS
Technical Technical Affairs Manager TaeSoon Kang Director / Geo System Research Co., Ltd.
Technical Director Yun Wook Choo Professor / Kongju University
Technical Director Jonghwa Won CEO / Foresys
Technical Director Dong Woo Jung Principal Researcher / KRISO
Technical Director Hyeok-Jun Koh Group Leader / IAE
International International Affairs Manager Jin-Hak Lee Principal Researcher / KIOST
International Affairs Director Dongho Jung Principal Researcher / KRISO
International Affairs Director Jung Kwan Seo Professor / Pusan National University
Research Ethics Research Ethics Manager Jinwhan Kim Professor / KAIST
Research Ethics Director Joon-Young Kim Professor / Korea Maritime & Ocean University
Research Ethics Director Han Koo Jeong Professor / Kunsan National University
Research Ethics Director Byoung Wan Kim Principal Researcher / KRISO
Auditors Tak-Kee Lee Professor / Gyeongsang National University
Young Whan Park Professor / Pukyong National University
Advisors Seon-jin Kim Professor / Pukyong National University
Chul-hee Jo Professor / Inha University
Jong Sung Yoon Professor / Inje Univesrity
Hyo-jae Jo Professor / Korea Maritime & Ocean University
Sa-young Hong Principal Researcher / KRISO
Sang Kil Park Honorary Professor / Pusan National University
Han-il Park Professor / Korea Maritime & Ocean University
Han-ki Yoon Honorary Professor / Dongeui University
Seok-won Hong (Former) Principal Researcher / KRISO
Cheong-ro Ryu Honorary Professor / Pukyong National University
Kun-mo Han Honorary Professor / Dong-A University
Min-kyo Shin Honorary Professor / Korea Maritime & Ocean University