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Research Area
Main classification Intermediate classification Code Keywords

Ship/offshore platform design

Design A1 System design, system reliability, system risk assessment, risk-based system design, risk assessment and management
Production/Building A2 Digital production process, production automation, installation method, production management, maintenance and repair, life cycle management, CAD, non-destructive testing, ultrasonic testing, sensor-based instrumentation
Fluid A3 Resistance/propulsion, motion/steering, fluid impact, hydroelasticity, VIV/VIM, thermofluidics, ocean waves, DP, mooring, cfd,multi-phase flow, BOR/BOG
Structure A4 Structural strength, impact resistance, fatigue strength, structural optimization, structural reliability, plasticity and failure, vibration/noise, multi-body dynamics, 실선 응력 계측 stress measurement, weld deformation, residual stress, cold working, hot working, onboard heating, underwater acoustics
Control A5 DP control, control algorithms, control systems
빙해공학 Ice engineering A6 Ships operating in polar regions, ice resistance, ice load, ice-structure interactions, ice dynamics, ice field test, polar offshore structures, ice monitoring and management, polar sea routes
Process/Safety A7 Process system design, process optimization, 유가스 oil gas treatment/liquefaction process, risk/reliability evaluation, explosion/fire analysis
Offshore civil engineering Fluid/Hydraulics B1 Coastal waves, estuaries, coastal flow
Structure B2 Concrete structures, seismic engineering, offshore structures
Ground B3 Soil mechanics, foundation engineering
Coastal disaster prevention B4 Rise of sea level, coastal flooding, ocean pollution, pollution control, coastal disaster prevention, coastal erosion, storm/earthquake/tsunami
Design/Construction B5 Structure design, process management, construction management
Materials for offshore structures Metal C1 Steel materials, non-ferrous metal materials, material strength and analysis, material properties and evaluation, fatigue and failure, non-destructive testing and evaluation, heat treatment and welding, residual stress, nanomaterials and new materials
Organic/Inorganic/Composite C2 Organic materials, inorganic materials, composite materials, material strength and analysis, material properties and evaluation, fatigue and failure, non-destructive testing and evaluation, heat treatment, bonding, residual stress, nanomaterials and new materials
Corrosion/Anticorrosion C3 Corrosion, anticorrosion, painting, surface treatment, lubrication analysis, friction, wear
Resources/Environment/Logistics Drilling/Survey D1 Drilling engineering, physical survey, marine survey and observation
Marine environment D2 Environmental impact assessment, marine survey
Port logistics D3 Port simulation, marine traffic
New and renewable offshore energy Offshore wind power E1 Fixed platform (infrastructure), floating platform, power conversion, energy transmission, wind turbine, geotechnical engineering, (ocean floor), mooring
Wave power E2 Fixed platform (infrastructure), floating platform, PTO, power conversion, energy transmission, mooring
Tidal power E3 Fixed platform (infrastructure), floating platform, PTO, power conversion, energy transmission, tidal generator, geotechnical engineering, (ocean floor), mooring
Other forms of new and renewable energy E4 Platform design, energy conversion/transmission system design

Ship/offshore control robotics and applications

Sensor system F1 Sensor system design, signal processing
Navigation/Autonomous F2 Underwater/sea navigation, artificial intelligence, autonomous control
Equipment F3 Underwater manipulator, underwater equipment
Spatial information/Communication F4 Marine spatial information, marine satellite navigation, underwater navigation, maritime/underwater communication, maritime/underwater network