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Korean Marine Robot Technology Society

The Korean Marine Robot Technology Society, affiliated with the Korean Society of Ocean Engineers, is an industry-academia-research society dedicated to the development of technologies related to underwater and floating robots, holding a workshop twice a year (spring and fall).
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Marine· Material·Parts ·Equipment Research Society

The Materials Research Society for Offshore Structures, affiliated with the Korean Society of Ocean Engineers, is striving to promote mutual cooperation and collaborations among researchers in the field of materials, and serves as a foundation for the development and application of marine materials by integrating advanced technologies.

Offshore Plant Design Research Society

The Offshore Plant Design Research Society, affiliated with the Korean Society of Ocean Engineers, aims to contribute to advancement of domestic design and engineering technology for offshore structures through joint research, workshops, and discussions on recent trends, including the participation of experts from industry, research, and academia concerned in the design, fabrication, and installation of offshore structures. The society also holds spring and fall workshops.

Coastal Disaster Prevention Research Group

The Coastal Disaster Prevention Research Group, affiliated with the Korean Society of Ocean Engineers, has established a technical committee composed of experts on coastal erosion for the purpose of developing technologies related to coastal erosion and sedimentation monitoring, analysis and forecasting, and eco-friendly erosion control. Efforts are being made to promote coastal erosion control in the long run based on a wide range of academic surveys and research, as well as information exchanges and workshops.

Division of Floating Offshore Wind Power

The purpose is to contribute to the development of the wind energy industry by pursuing research activities and technology development on floating offshore wind power.